This is where we feature bargain lots at rock bottom prices. From time to time, we have to make decisions to discontinue certain titles from our stock for reasons of space. They don’t come bagged and boarded (as our normal stock does) and are available for collection from our shop (heavy lots may be collected in instalments if paid for up front). If the buyer wants them posted to a UK address, postage would be extra (at cost). Sorry, but these are not available for postage outside the UK. Lots in Clearance Corner will only be available for a limited period. 


Vintage Marvel Colouring Books (1979)



Three vintage Marvel Colouring Books from 1979, actually published by World Distributors. Reprinting covers and splash pages in glorious monochrome, many of Marvel’s finest artists are represented within these pages.

Grades: FN/VF or FN.

Unused – no colouring at all.

Previously on sale at £25 each, we're now offering all three for the price of one - £25.
Price for collection from shop £25.

Postage (UK only) an additional £3.50.

This is a small parcel, weighing less than 0.5 kg.
X-Men complete minis and one-shots

A bargain bundle of 45 comics, consisting of complete X-Men mini-series and a couple of one-shots.

Prelude to Schism 2011 #1-4
Schism 2011 #1-5
Death Of X 2016 #1-4
Odd Men Out one-shot 2008
True Friends 1999 #1-3
The First X-Men 2012 #1-5 (Neal Adams)
X-Infernus 2009 #1-4
X-Club 2012 #1-5
Regenesis 2011 one-shot
Manifest Destiny 2008 #1-5
X-Men & Micronauts 1984 #1-4
Hellfire Club 2000 #1-4

Grade: VF/NM

Original value approximately £125.
Price for collection from shop £20.

Postage (UK only) an additional £13.50.

These fit into a shoe box, weighing just under 3 kg.
Boys’ Own Papers

A lot of 35 issues of the famous Boys’ Own Paper.

Includes a facsimile of the very first edition from 1879, plus 34 other issues from 1956-1964 (one duplicate) including 2 Christmas issues and 15 with supplement.
Price for collection from shop £10.

Postage (UK only) an additional £13.50.

These fit into a large shoe box, weighing 3.5 kg.
Full Set Of Marvel's 'The Saga Of Crystar'

A full set of Marvel's 'The Saga Of Crystar' from 1983-85.

11 issues.

Grades VF or better.

One of numerous toy tie-in titles of this period, with many nice painted covers (some by Michael Golden), and guest-starring Nightcrawler, Dr. Strange and Alpha Flight from the Marvel Universe.
Price for collection from shop £5.

Postage (UK only) an additional £3.50.

These fit into a twister mailer, weighing less than 1kg.
Edgar Wallace Books: "Another foot or two for your collection"

28 Edgar Wallace Books

26 paperbacks

2 hardbacks (no DJs)

All different.

Publishers include Arrow, Collins, Digit, Hodder & Stroughton, John Long, Pan & Ward Lock.

Dates range from 1930s to 1970s, with an emphasis on the 1950s.

We believe it was Agatha Christie's character Tuppence Beresford who came up with the above quote when referring to her husband putting up an Edgar Wallace bookshelf, but there is no doubt that Wallace was one of the most prolific crime writers of the 20th Century. Here's a chance to sample his wares with a varied selection of his novels.
Price for collection from shop £5.

Postage (UK only) an additional £13.50.

These fit into a medium box
Three Complete Defenders Series

Defenders mini-series from Marvel, 23 comics in all.

2005 Defenders
5 issues
Keith Giffen, J M Dematteis and Kevin Maguire

2008 The Last Defenders
6 issues
Joe Casey, Keith Giffen and Jim Muniz

12 issues
Matt Fraction, Terry Dodson and others
Price for collection from shop £10.

Postage (UK only) an additional £3.50.

These fit into a twister mailer to make a package weighing 1.35 kg.



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