Dan Dare – Spaceship Away!

Spaceship Away! Rod Barzilay’s labour of love pays tribute to all things Dan Dare, with original comic strips in the classic style, plus interviews, features and articles concerning Dan, his creators, and even his rival spacefarers. For more information and subscription details, check out the website at www.spaceshipaway.org.uk


FA – The Comiczine

Originally founded in print form by Martin Skidmore, but now online and jointly run by Tony Keen, Andrew Moreton, and Will Morgan. FA aims to be a place for comics discussion, history and criticism with a distinctive balance as “the serious fanzine with a sense of fun”.


Dave Dustin – Comics Historian and Rarities Expert

Dave Dustin is a Canadian comics historian with a great expertise in the history of rare comics, which he has documented in a series of youtube videos. For those interested in the British Comics of the 1950s that reprinted American pre-code horror comics, and the campaign against them, we particularly recommend his video on that topic. You’ll find the link to Dave’s youtube channel here, used with his permission.