Probably the question we are most often asked is: ‘Do You Buy Comics and Books?’

The answer is: ‘Yes, of course.’ As one of the leading specialists in the world for vintage British and American comics, books and annuals, we’re always in the market for buying collections.

Please bear in mind that we’re primarily vintage dealers, specialising in material from the late 1930s to 1980. We’re looking for things that are either rare and/or of significant value. Important key issues only post-1980 may also be of interest, if of significant value.

How to sell comics and books to us

If you have something to sell you think we might want, in the first instance send (by email or post) a list with titles, issue numbers and approximate grades if possible for American comics; for British comics, we’d need to know how many issues and from which years; for books, a list by title, author and year of publication if possible.  If you’re sending a list by email, please either include it in the body of the email, or, if an attachment, please use Word where possible and avoid Excel if you can, since it can be difficult to print out and work with in that format. Please don’t just send photos of items, as we will not have time to identify what you’re offering from these.

To be fair to you and ourselves, we probably won’t be able to make a firm offer without viewing. We examine in detail every item in a collection we’re interested in to assign a grade and we undertake extensive research to determine a current fair market value on which to base our offers. Our aim is to deal at a fair value to both sellers and buyers.   

Having sent us a list, you may wish to speak to us about your collection. If so, please tell us and include a telephone number in your email, and, if it’s a collection we’re interested in, we’ll be happy to give you a call to discuss.

Please bear in mind that anyone serious about buying your collection and paying a fair price is almost certainly going to want to see a list.

We believe that the prices we offer, particularly on rare or obscure items and/or items in high grade, to be very competitive with any other dealer. We pay top prices for things we want, and you may note that we don’t allow margins to discount our selling prices.

Spam Alert!

We aim to answer all emails within 48 hours. If you’re expecting an email from us and it doesn’t appear to arrive, please check your junk/spam folder in case it ends up there. If so, please mark us as a ‘safe sender’ on your system to prevent this happening again.

How much are my old comics etc worth?

And that’s just about the second most popular question.

Free valuations of your collection are not something we can provide. We’re offered up to several dozen collections every day. If it’s a collection we’re interested in buying, we will usually be able to offer guidance regarding value, but it’s not possible to value a vintage item accurately without seeing it (scans and/or photos are NOT enough). We simply don’t have time to give price guidance on collections being offered to us for sale that we’re not interested in.

You can get a good general idea of the value of your vintage items by looking at the retail prices shown in our website catalogue. The scope of our catalogue is huge and you’re likely to find examples of most titles within.

Please bear in mind of course that someone buying your collection will offer you a percentage of the retail value. But if you’re trying to sell a collection we’re not interested in, the one thing we can’t do is suggest where you might be able to sell it!