This is where we feature bargain lots at rock bottom prices. From time to time, we have to make decisions to discontinue certain titles from our stock for reasons of space. They don’t come bagged and boarded (as our normal stock does) and are available for collection from our shop (heavy lots may be collected in instalments if paid for up front). If the buyer wants them posted to a UK address, postage would be extra (at cost). Sorry, but these are not available for postage outside the UK. Lots in Clearance Corner will only be available for a limited period. 


16 Classic Marvel Reprint titles


16 Marvel reprints from the 1960s.

Fantasy Masterpieces x 4 (#2, #6, #9 & #10)
Marvel Collector's Item Classics x 6 (#1, #3, #4, #7, #13 & #20)
Marvel Super-Heroes x 2 (#21 & #22)
Marvel Tales x 4 (#4, #5, #6 & #7)

All in reasonable condition (except back cover missing from Marvel Tales #7).
Price for collection from shop £25.

Postage (UK only) an additional £4.50.
Pick Your Own! Adventure (UK) 1934-1960

A chance to pick any issues you want from our listing of Adventure, the UK comic story paper that ran for 1878 issues between 1921 and 1961.

Every issue is now just 50p.

Check out the listing at Boys' Adventure & War Comics category.
Only available by mail order to UK addresses.

A minimum of 20 comics for mail order
Free Gift and Special issues of My Guy

13 Free Gift issues of My Guy

Photo-love tales, plus endless photos of Take That, Ant & Dec – sorry, PJ & Duncan – , Boyzone, Paul Nicholls, the Backstreet Boys, Adam Rickitt, and scores more who were popular and pretty back in the day.
Each with the original free gift – posters, postcards, badges, and incomprehensible plastic trinkets galore.

5 My Guy Holiday or Summer Specials (1992-2000)
Price for collection from shop £25.

Postage (UK only) an additional £4.50.

These form a small parcel for postage.



Can I reserve a Clearance Corner lot?
These items cannot be reserved.

Can I pay for a lot but collect it later?
It may be possible to pay as long as collection will follow within a few days – this must be agreed before payment is made.

Can I inspect the lot?
As these are offered for clearance at a very favourable price they are not available for inspection.

Can I return part, or all, of the lot?
No, these offers are not refundable or returnable.

Can I take a lot in instalments?
This may be possible for very large lots. Full payment must be made upfront and the entire lot taken within a short time, to be agreed before purchase.

How long will each lot be offered for?
This will vary (depending on how busy we are), but generally will be no more than a few weeks.