Articles penned by our very own Will Morgan.


Stings Like A Bee…… Floats Like A Butterfly!

Undeservingly forgotten, the Butterfly was the first black woman to join the ‘panties & capes’ party of the Super-Folks.

Among Us Walks…….. An Apeslayer!

The ‘original’ Marvel UK series that never quite was…

Glory Knight, Time-Travel Courier

Dinosaurs? Cowboys? Gladiators? Glory Knight, Time Travel Courier faced them all down, a distaff Doctor Who without all that science stuff…

Steve Whitaker – The Whitko Collection

Will wrote this article when 30th Century Comics bought Steve’s collection, to explain why they were so special. Visitors to our shop may still find some comics marked as ‘Whitko Collection’ when browsing.

Happy 100th, Billy Bunter

Written by Will in 2008